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'mmdm arquitectes' is an architecture office founded in 2003 by Frans Masana and Joan Dalmases, based on previous collaborations.

'mmdm' is an office dedicated to architecture, interior design and urban planning, in both the public and the private sector.

Frans Masana Castanys

(Barcelona, Spain) He earned his architecture degree from ETSAV-UPC (Technical School of Architecture of Vallès) in 1998.
Between 1990 and 1999, he has worked for different architecture offices (Alfredo Arribas associate architects, Jordi Badia architects, Jan Baca Pericot, and others) where he gained a solid professional background in a wide variety of functional programs and buildings. In 1999 he oriented his career to self practice and occasional collaborations, until he founded 'mmdm arquitectes' in 2003.
Joan Dalmases Martí

(Rubí, Spain) He earned his architecture degree from ETSAV-UPC (Technical School of Architecture of Vallès) in 1996.
Between 1990 and 2003, he has worked for different architecture offices (Jan Baca Pericot 1990-2001, Bouwstart -Netherlands 1994, GMG arquitectes 2001-2003). During this period he has worked with all kind of functional programs, from housing to office and apartment buildings. In 2003 he founded 'mmdm arquitectes' along with Frans Masana.
Director and Senior Designer
Helena Mercader

(Anglès, Espanya) She earned his architecture degree from ETSA ARCHITECTURE LA SALLE - URL in 2003. Since 2000, she has worked for different architecture offices (Josep Ros 2000 , Fuses - Viader 2001, Ricard Mercadé - Aurora Fernandez 2002, Sabaté - Espeche 2002-2003 and, since 2003, at 'mmdm arquitectes'). Meanwhile, since 2004, she teaches 'Project I' at the School of Engineering and Architecture La Salle - URL.
  • Architecture:
  • Alejandro de Abadal
  • Helena Mercader Bonaventura
  • Anna Bonet
  • Leo Fernandez
  • Meritxell Gironès i Font
  • Jordi Gonzalez Gomez
  • Cristina Hidalgo
  • Fernanda Lamolla
  • Gemma Palau
  • Andrea Pizzolato
  • Oriol Prats Pagès
  • Silvina Sallaberry
  • Cabiria Tomat
  • Sonia Triviño
  • Administration:
  • Cristina Camps Puig
External collaborators
  • Structure:
  • Base Dos estructures a l'arquitectura sl
  • Bernuz-Fernández Arquitectes slp
  • Mechanical engineering and Energy:
  • Aigreneenergia sl
  • Instal.lacions arquitectòniques sl
  • Juncosa-Sànchez-Subirats Enginyeria i Arquitectura sl
  • Terin (Terrassa Ingenieros) slp
  • Quantity surveyors:
  • BSB i Associats slp
  • Forteza Carbonell Associats scp
  • Jan Dinarès i Quera (G9)
  • Urban planning:
  • Loles Herrero Canela
  • Acoustics:
  • i2A ingeniería acústica y audiovisual sl
  • Acústica integral sl
  • Rendering and Digital Images:
  • MRT arquitectes
  • Web Design:
  • Cabiria Tomat
  • Photography:
  • Eugeni Pons
  • mmdm arquitectes
  • Fiscal and countable department:
  • Egara Area Empresarial sl
  • IT department:
  • Javier Lorenz Baeta (jlb informàtica)